Angela Strobel has worked hard to be in a position to make a difference in her community.


A year after graduating from high school, Strobel decided to attend Montcalm Community College to save money and to benefit from the flexible class schedules.


“I chose to attend MCC because it was close to home and offered degree programs that I was interested in,” she said. “I also knew that MCC had a great reputation as a local community college and that I would be able to transfer my credits from MCC to pursue my bachelor’s degree at a four-year institution.”


She even took fun classes while at MCC, saying that art classes were her favorites. She still has paintings and pottery that she created, which she has used to decorate her home.


“MCC is a great place to start if you’ve been out of school for a while and want to go back, if you’re not sure what major you want to pursue and want to save on tuition costs, or if you need flexible scheduling closer to home. It’s an affordable, quality education in a very comfortable environment,” Strobel said.


“The one thing that stands out to me from my experience at MCC is how wonderful and engaged with their classes each of my instructors were,” she added.


After graduating from MCC in 2008, Strobel transferred to Davenport University. The business courses she took at MCC prepared her to write papers at Davenport. Her time here “solidified” her original plan to study business administration.


After earning her Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resources Management in 2010, she continued her education at Wayne State University Law School.


“I went to law school to become an attorney because I enjoy a mental challenge, which the study of law provides,” Strobel said. “I also wanted to be in a position that would give me the opportunity to make positive changes to my community and society as a whole.”


Strobel recently passed the Michigan Bar Exam and is currently working in the Legal Department at Mercedes-Benz Financial Services.


“Starting my college education at MCC led me to where I am now, and while I did not take any classes at MCC that are directly related to my current job, I did take many business classes. These classes laid a foundation for the business knowledge I developed at both MCC and Davenport. This background is extremely helpful in my current position,” she said.


MCC assisted Strobel in achieving her higher education by preparing her to work in a business setting. While she succeeded at MCC, Davenport and Wayne State, she still believes that she must work even harder to truly be a success.


“In becoming an attorney, I have reached my educational goal and realized success in that achievement,” she said. “However, I am now a brand new attorney, and I have a lot more work to do before I can consider myself a true ‘success.’ I think that success will come with time and experience. I am now beginning my career; I hope to engage in significant legal work, and in time find a way to use my skills to help my community.”