Marcey Allington’s decision to attend MCC was for her family.


MCC alumna Marcey Allington enjoys her career in the insurance industry.


“I was tired of working dead-end jobs and wanted to do more with my life,” she said. “That’s when I decided to go back to college and work toward a better future for myself and my family.”


Allington chose MCC because she lived in Montcalm County and the location was convenient. Hoping it would open doors for her, she chose to go into the business program. Her professors affirmed her decision.


“MCC was able to teach me the skills necessary to be successful,” Allington said. “I learned a lot about being a better communicator as well as some basics for being in the business field. I owe much of my success to MCC for teaching me these things.”


Her refined communication skills helped her land a job while still taking courses at MCC.


“I had an insurance claim and it wasn’t going the way I thought it should. I went into the office and spoke with the agent. He called the company the claim was with and put them on speakerphone. By the time it was all said and done, I was happy and the agent said he had never seen a company agree with someone like that. He offered me a job right then and there. I told him I would try it but didn’t really know anything about insurance. He said he would train me, and I have to say, he did, and it worked out well for me.”


After working at the agency that got her started, she moved to a larger company. She also decided that she wanted to become an agent instead of a customer service representative.


“MCC helped give me the confidence to make the move,” she said.


“My original plan was to go to Ferris State University and start my bachelor’s program. However, my associate degree along with my customer service and communication skills were enough for me to land a great job,” Allington added.


Allington has been a successful insurance agent for 20 years and currently works for AAA Michigan in the Plainfield office in Grand Rapids.


“To me, the key to success is to love what you do, and if you want it, go after it.  Eventually you can make enough money to accomplish all the things you want to do,” she said.


Allington went to MCC for her family, and her family has followed her footsteps.Her daughter earned an associate degree from MCC and recently graduated from Grand Valley State University. Four days after graduating from GVSU, she got a job. Allington’s son is currently attending MCC.


“Go for it. Believe in yourself and let MCC believe in you as well,” she said.